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Seeking Effortless Power and Better Control ?

Revolutionize your tennis game with our online video coaching. Achieve power, control, and technique tailored to your style. Our expert analysis helps you develop weapon strokes, enjoy tactical versatility, and outplay different opponents. Experience the advantage of superior technique at your convenience.

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How It Works
Get Personalized Video Insights for Precision Performance

Get Personalized Video Insights for Precision Performance.

Unlock the full potential of your tennis coaching with Tennis Wise. If you're tirelessly searching for the key to elevate your child's game, you know that mastering technique is crucial. Despite diligent practice and countless hours on the court, progress can plateau without the right guidance.

Many believe advanced techniques are out of reach or unnecessary for home coaching. Yet, true mastery comes from refining even the most minor details—a challenge often overlooked without expert insight.

Tennis Wise offers a unique solution, bridging the gap with personalized technique coaching to complement your efforts. Our targeted drills and professional advice are designed to integrate seamlessly into your coaching sessions, providing the breakthrough for significant improvement.

Embrace Tennis Wise as your ally in achieving tennis excellence. Together, we can transform well-intentioned practice into effective skill development, ensuring your coaching meets and exceeds expectations.

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Why does online coaching make sense versus on-court lessons:

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Complement to Regular Coaching

Online coaching can be a valuable supplement to in-person sessions. It allows for focused attention on technique that can enhance the coaching you receive on the court, accelerating your progress.


In-Depth Analysis

Receive a detailed critique of your play, something that's not always possible in a live group session. Online, there's ample time to dissect your technique, providing insights beyond what's possible during a limited court session.


Personalized Feedback

Online coaching zeroes in on your unique playing style, delivering bespoke feedback that's often lost in the general commentary of on-court sessions. It's like having a coach solely focused on refining your individual technique.

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This one is self-explanatory: you'll often find that online coaching sessions are more budget-friendly than their on-court counterparts, offering the same level of expertise for less.


Efficient Learning

Capture a short clip of your game, and that's enough for a thorough review. This micro-learning approach contrasts with the longer durations needed for in-person training, optimizing your time for improvement.


Flexible Schedule

With online coaching, there's no juggling schedules to align with court and coach availability. You're in control, fitting tennis instruction into your life rather than rearranging your life for tennis.

In conclusion, whether you can't afford personal on-court coaching or you want to improve faster by complementing it with your current regular coaching, online bespoke technique coaching with TennisWise will help you dramatically improve your skills.

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Maximize Your Tennis Potential with Tailored Coaching Options

At TennisWise, we recognize that each player's journey is distinct. That's why we provide two specialized coaching services to meet your individual needs. Enjoy a special first order discount on the Single-Shot Analysis package.

Single-Shot Analysis

$45 USD

Perfect for players looking to fine-tune a specific aspect of their game. Whether it's your serve, forehand, backhand, or volley, this focused analysis will provide you with detailed feedback and actionable advice to correct and enhance that one crucial shot. Ideal if you're targeting a particular weakness or want to build on a specific strength.

$25 USD


Comprehensive Game Analysis

$150 USD

This package is designed for players seeking thorough improvement. Our Comprehensive Game Analysis is the way to go if you want to refine your technique and elevate every game aspect. Covering ALL shots, and overall game strategy, this in-depth analysis offers a complete roadmap to revamp your technique and approach. It's a comprehensive solution for dedicated players committed to making significant strides in their performance.

Choose the option that best suits your current needs and goals. Whether it's refining a specific shot or transforming your overall game, TennisWise is here to guide you every step of the way.

Film Your Shot

Record a video of you performing five attempts of the same shot (forehand, backhand, serve, or volley) facing the camera.


Assistance for filming or a tripod is ideal. There is no need for perfection; we focus on improvement. Keep it under 5 minutes for a detailed analysis by Tennis Wise.

​Film Your Shot
Upload and Describe

Upload and Describe

Send us your footage.


Share your thoughts on what you feel is going wrong. Your insight is crucial for our personalized analysis.

Expert Analysis and Feedback

Our feedback will include:

  • A detailed examination of your shot's flaws.

  • Step-by-step technical advice to make the proper adjustments.

  • Custom drills to practice and solidify your improvements.

Expert Analysis and Feedback
Film Your Shot
Uplod and Describe
Expert Analysis and Feedback
Receive Personalized Guidance
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Elevate Your Tennis Game Today!

Ready to level up your tennis skills? Fill out our order form now and unlock personalized video analysis from our experts. Transform your technique, enhance your strategy, and take your game to new heights with Tennis Wise.

Coach Nicolas is outstanding in teaching young children the game of tennis! He comes fully prepared with the appropriate gear tailored for young learners (ages 5 and 7), ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning environment. His patience and engaging teaching style have notably enhanced their tennis skills quickly. I highly recommend him to any parent eager to introduce their children to tennis. His approach boosts confidence and instills a genuine love for the game.
Romain B.
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